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Introduction of Digital Marketing
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Module 1
1. What is Digital Marketing?
2. Need of Digital Marketing
3. Scope of Digital Marketing
4. Tends of Digital Marketing
5. Main Search Engines
6. Significance of SEO
7. Preface to Online Marketing
8. How Online Marketing Works

Module 2
Website Development Platform
“Understand Power of Digital Marketing to Boost Online Sales”
1. What are Responsive Website?
2. Why Websites should be Optimised?
3. How to Get Best ROI?
4. Points to Consider While Website Design
5. What are GUI Website?
6. Significance of SEO
7. What are WordPress Websites?

Module 3
Search Engine Optimization
“Learn the Updated Techniques to Boost Website Traffic on Your Website”
On Page SEO

1. Keyword Research
2. Meta Tag Optimization
3. Body Optimization
4. Content Marketing
5. Competitor Research
6. SEO Tool
7. Case Studies
Off Page SEO

8. Understanding Backlink Techniques
9. Directory Submission
10. Articles Submission
11. Social Bookmarking
12. Blog Commenting
13. Case Studies

Module 4
Google Ad Words – PPC (Pay Per Click)
“Be Google and Bing Certified On Live Projects”
1. What is Pay Per Click?
2. Account Creation
3. Campaign Optimization
4. Adgroup Optimization
5. Keyword Research
6. Post Campaign Optimization
7. Competitor Study
8. Case Study
9. Best Practices to Get ROI
10. Case Studies

Module 5
Google Web Analytics
“Track all the Traffic that Land on Your Website”
1. What is Google Analytics?
2. How to Create a Campaign
3. Account Optimization
4. Goal Optimization
5. Funnel Optimization
6. Geo Location Optimization
7. Web Analysis
8. Advanced Level Optimization

Module 6
Social Media Optimization
“Understand the Power of Social Media for Viral Marketing”
1. What Is Social Media Marketing?
2. What Is Viral Marketing
3. Scope of Social Media Marketing
4. Terminology of Social Media
5. Best Practices
6. Social Media tool
7. Facebook Marketing
8. LinkedIn Marketing
9. Twitter Optimization
10. Pinterest
11. Case Studies

Module 7
Social Media Marketing
“Various Social Media Marketing Strategies”

1. What are Facebook Pages
2. Facebook Page Insight Study
3. Paid Marketing on Facebook
4. Paid Marketing on LinkedIn
5. Pinterest

Module 8
E-Mail Marketing
“Generate ROi via Power of Email Marketing”

1. Email Marketing Basics
2. How to Send Mass Email
3. Track Email Open Rate
4. Data Mining
5. Analyzing Email Reports
6. Email as a Tool for Marketing
7. Acquiring ROI via Email Marketing
8. Study user Behavior

Module 9
Online Advertising
“Differences Between Online & Offline Marketing”

1. What are Advantages of Online Marketing?
2. What is Inbound Marketing?
3. How to Acquire High Quality ROI
4. Power & Scope of Online Marketing

Module 10
E-Commerce Marketing
“Know How you can Generate Sales to e Commerce companies”

1. What is E-Commerce Marketing?
2. Basics of E-Commerce Marketing
3. Structure of E-Commerce Marketing
4. Algorithm of E-Commerce Marketing
5. How to start an E-Commerce Website
6. SEO Techniques on E-Commerce Websites
7. How do E-Commerce Companies make ROI

Module 11
Lead Generation
“Know How you can Generate Sales to e Commerce companies”

1. What are leads Basic Food for an Organization?
2. what are various Lead Generation Methods?
3. How to acquire high quality leads?
4. Best Implementations to acquire leads online.
5. How to Determine Leads and Queries?

Module 12
Fundamental of AdSense
“Know How you can Generate Sales to e Commerce companies”
1. What is AdSense?
2. How to create Adsense Account?
3. Adsense Approval Tricks
4. Adsense Account Optimization
5. Adsense Report Study
6. How to Increase High Revenue via Adsense

Module 13
Geo Targeting
“Know How you can Generate Sales to e Commerce companies”
1. What are Various Geo Location Targeting Options?
2. How to Target Audiences?
3. Significance of Geo Targeting
4. Various Tools for Geo Location
5. Generating High ROI via Geo Targeting
6. what is Ad Scheduling?
7. Where & How to Target Your Audiences?

Module 14
Affiliate Marketing
“Learn Art of Affiliate Marketing to Earn Online”
1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
2. Need of Affiliate Marketing
3. Platforms for Affiliate Marketing
4. Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies
5. What to Sell as Affiliate Marketer
6. Affiliate Marketing as Career
7. Earn Online via Affiliate Marketing
8. Case Studies

Module 15
Mobile Marketing
“Mobile is Best Invention Ever, Use it for Marketing”

1. Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing
2. Need of Mobile Marketing
3. Mobile Marketing on Various OS
4. Data Mining on Mobile Marketing
5. Generating ROI
6. Study User Behavior
7. Report Study
8. Case Study on Mobile Marketing

Module 16
Online Reputation Management
“Learn How You can Create Brand Online for Online Companies”
1. Fundamentals of Reputation Management
2. Need of Reputation Management
3. How to deal with Negative Comments
4. Best Strategies for Reputation Management
5. How to be a Brand
6. User Behavior Study
7. Project Case Study

Module 17
WordPress &Blogging
“Learn How You can Create Brand Online for Online Companies”
1. What is Blogging?
2. Difference Between Blog and Website?
3. What is WordPress?
4. How to Choose Best Niche for Blog?
5. How are People Earning?
6. What should be the Plan & Strategy?

Module 18
Internet Marketing Etiquettes
“Learn How You can Create Brand Online for Online Companies”
1. White Hat
2. Black Hat
3. Grey Hat
4. IP Protocols
5. Blocked & Parked Domains
6. Cyber Crime Laws

Module 19
Live Projects and Case Studies
“Learn How You can Create Brand Online for Online Companies”

1. Various Case Studies & History
2. Work on 4 Live Projects
3. Group Discussion on Various Topics
4. Quizzes on Digital Marketing
5. Test & Assignments

Module 20
Earn as a Freelancer
“Learn How You can Create Brand Online for Online Companies”

1. Earn From Adsense
2. Earn from Facebook
3. Earn from affiliate Marketing
4. Earn as a Freelancer
5. Earn via E-mail Marketing

Module 21

1. Turn business into brand
2. Increase your business awareness within your budget
3. Your customer are online reach out to them on internet & communicate
4. Niche targeting via social media
5. Track and measure your performance
6. Your company are doing in online if not now then it will be too late. Penetrate online customers
7. Take your business to more cities, states & just by a website & some marketing

Module 22


1. Digital marketing industry is growth. Have a advance career growth
2. Every second person in India is either B-tech or MBA resulting high competency. Add skills & expertise in our resume
3. Open gates for multiple every industry as marketing required in every industry.
4. Advanced career growth.
5. Open gates to apply in ecom companies, digital marketing agencies and various online ventures. Apply for more right job interviews.
6. Work as freelance


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